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Reporting crime

Chelmsford Neighbourhood Watch have recently published guidelines on reporting non emergency crime.

Chelmsford Group of Neighbourhood Watches
Arrangements with Chelmsford and Maldon Community Policing
Team (CPT) for the reporting of information and intelligence
1. The Chelmsford Group of Neighbourhood Watches (CGNhW) has agreed with the District
Police Commander that reporting non-emergency and non-crime events, such as sighting of
suspicious vehicles or individuals, drug dealing, etc., that have not otherwise been reported,
should be recorded and reported by local Watches, as discussed in paragraph 4 below.
2. Watch members and members of the public should always follow the usual pathways to
report emergencies and actual crimes: in an emergency ALWAYS use 999 and to report a
crime that has already happened, and the perpetrators are no longer present, use 101 or
use www.essex.police.uk and report on-line.
3. Essex police / CGNhW WhatsApp group (where several local Watches across Chelmsford are
linked to a central CPT number) for reporting live intelligence/information that doesn’t fall
within the paragraph 2 above will continue to be used.
Arrangements for Reporting non-live intelligence
4. There have been many instances when suspicious activities have been observed and not
reported as live at the time of the occurrence through the Police/NhW WhatsApp group, or
which haven’t been reported as a crime or as an emergency. Local Watches are now
encouraged to log all such incidents as reported locally, and on a weekly basis forward a
summary of such events to the CPT ( see paragraph 8). It is not anticipated that this will be a
huge amount: typically, perhaps one or two in a week at most, unless exceptional. If a
pattern is observed, please note this too. An example is given at the end of this note.
5. The information should include:
a. Nature of incident b. Date, time, and location
c. Other details, including description of individuals (see paragraph 6.), description and
registration number of any vehicles involves, baggage, etc
6. Describe an individual by providing where possible her or his:
a. Gender b. Age (or age range)
c. Ethnicity d. Build, approximate height
e. Clothing (including shoes, headwear, and logos on garments, bags)
f. Gait – how the individual walks: posture (straight up, slouching …), speed
g. Other distinguishing features such as colour of eyes (wearing glasses?), hair colour
and length, facial features (such as beard where relevant), scars, birthmarks, tattoos
7. Include any images (photos, videos) you may have – but individuals should never place
themselves at any risk to obtain such images.
8. The information should be reported by the Wednesday evening in any particular week, using
the email address: chelmsfordandmaldonpolicingteam@essex.pnn.police.uk.
[Agreed with Police – 5 July, 2020]
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9. We (CGNhW) will work with the police to assess how this arrangement works out.
10. Please address any queries to:
Version 1.1: 2 July 2020
1. Two males waiting for several minutes then black car drives up and there’s an exchange of
what looks like small package from the car and maybe cash passed back. Car drives off
XXX Road, south end: Thursday 25 June 2020 at 16:30 hrs
Males in their twenties, White, clean shaven, casual light-coloured clothing, with small black
rucksacks. Car (driver not visible): black Ford Fiesta reg LA99 ABC
2. Observed suspected drug dealing
xxx road by underpass, Wednesday, 24th June, 2020, 15:20 hrs
Car: black


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