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Update – Gate to the Recreational Ground

We have been informed by the gate supplier and they have advised that delivery is due to them between 25th and 30th August. (if this arrives any earlier, it will be done immediately).
As you can imagine this has been very frustrating for us as well as the residents of Boreham.
Unfortunately, this is outside of our control and due to the overwhelming demand and supply chain issues as a result of the pandemic, which is meaning that orders are taking much longer than they would normally.
Our apologies for the long delay, and thank you for your patience.

Update from your Boreham Parish Councillors

As your Parish Council, we are aware that some concerns have been expressed about various issues around the village, as follows:-


The Village Hall and Recreation Ground Car Park.


You may have seen on Facebook that we have asked a mobile business not to operate from the Car Park, which is owned by the Village through the Parish Council, for the time being. All commercial enterprises and clubs who operate from the Carpark and the Recreation Ground pay the Village, through the Parish Council, to use the facilities.  Those payments help to maintain the facilities for the village as a whole.  When considering any application to use the facilities, the Parish Council has to consider the needs of the villagers and those organisations who already have permission to use the grounds.


In life pre lockdown, the Village Hall was very busy with many clubs running from the site.  We have received interest from clubs, which are available to the villagers, to use the Recreation Ground during the week.  The Scout Hut was also used, adding to the pressure on the car park and parking in the surrounding roads.   We hope that the use of the Hall, Recreation Ground and Scout Hut will return to pre lockdown levels in the coming months.  When it does, we need to consider whether the car park can facilitate those parking to use the Hall and grounds in addition to the bays taken up by the new business and those parking to buy from the business.  We have therefore decided to ask any potential businesses wishing to trade from the car park to remain mobile for the time being.  We are happy to consider requests to trade from the car park in October, when the pressure faced by the car park should be clearer and we can consider whether the car park has the capacity to accommodate them.


The gate on the edge of the Recreation Ground


We are very aware that the gate on the edge of the recreation ground, leading to the car park, has been broken for some time.  We ordered a gate, in addition to new security fencing to run around the back of the new Parish Council Office, months ago.  Unfortunately the order has been delayed due to lack of materials.  We continue to chase the supplier and we will replace the gate as soon as we are able to do so.


The new Parish Council office 


As your Parish Council, we are keen to ensure we have an office that Parishioners can, and often do, enter when they need help from us.  We have two Parish Clerks who are available on most days of the week (Covid Rules permitting).  The office opening hours are on our website.  We were hiring an office in the Village Hall.  Unfortunately we had outgrown it and after great deliberation and considering all possibilities, we decided to place a new temporary office on the edge of the recreation ground.  The portacabin is the new temporary office.  It is still a work in progress.  We will be planting shrubs around the outside to improve its appearance.  In the meantime, we now have a good space inside to safely meet with you, when we are allowed to do so, and to hold our smaller meetings.


The small play area at the back of the Village Hall


For those who use the toddler play area, you will be aware that it is unusable when it rains.  Some of the equipment is very old and tired.  We are therefore arranging for the area to be resurfaced, with drainage.  New equipment is being obtained and will be fitted around the swing and large central piece of equipment.  Coupled with the new lighting and footpath which runs behind it, this will improve the facilities available to families.


The Teenage Shelter


The Teenage Shelter on the recreation ground was supplied to provide our teenagers with a safe place to meet.  Unfortunately, it was often used as a goal which caused issues in the car park, despite the very high fence.  We also had to clear out inappropriate rubbish from the shelter on a regular basis after it was used at night.  Therefore, we have removed it.  We are purchasing a modern new teenage shelter which will provide seating and shelter from the rain.  However, it will also be less attractive for inappropriate use.  It will be sited away from the car park to avoid issues with balls in the car park.  We want to provide all villagers, including teenagers with the facilities they want and need.  Any suggestions are always welcome.


And Finally


We are lucky to live in a thriving community where so many of us show an interest in the village.  Please keep coming to us with any ideas.  We are always pleased to receive them.  If you would like to become more involved, we have two vacancies on the Parish Council.  Why not join us?  We hold meetings on the first Monday of every month.  The vast majority of the meeting is open to the public.  Why not come along and see, first hand, what we do?  There is a public participation session at every meeting where the Parish Councillors are happy to listen to anyone who wants to attend.  The agenda for the meetings are available on our website and put on notice boards around the village.  We have put a new notice board near the new office.  If you see we are considering something which is of interest to you, why not let us have your views to help us make the right decision for the village as a whole?


Boreham Parish Council

18 May 2021

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