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Volunteer Offers of Help

Volunteer Help

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Parish Council appreciate that there are members of the community who will need some additional help, particularly those in the most vulnerable groups that the Government have recommended introducing social distancing measures to reduce social interaction between people.

These include people aged 70 or older (regardless of medical conditions)

And those under 70 with an underlying health condition set out on the Government website (ie anyone instructed to get a flu jab as an adult each year on medical grounds) and those who are pregnant.

We have had a number of volunteers who have kindly come forward and offered to help.

Below is a list of the volunteers, contact numbers and their location in Boreham. If you are vulnerable and need help with shopping etc you can contact your local volunteers direct.

Please note, we have not carried out any checks on the volunteers although some have informed us that they are DBS checked. You should bear this in mind before contacting anyone and make sure that you ask for identification. Unless the volunteer is known to you do not hand over any money until after the goods have been delivered to you and ask for a receipt. Volunteers will not come into your home.


The latest version of this list will be available at the Boreham Parish Council website www.borehamparishcouncil.co.uk or the Facebook page.

Name                                    Location                                               Contact Number             

N Long                                  Hulton Close                                      07906 052401

Fran and Tim Luke           Plantation Rd (Church Rd end)   07785750294 / 01245 460405

Sophie                                  Plantation Rd                                     07989 599462

Corinna Donn                    Orchard Way                                      07771 868860

Sarah Goodwin                 Church road (next to queens head)          07540 993448

Christine Baynes-King    Butterfield Rd                                    07747 613416

Kathryn Metcalf                                Butterfield Rd                                    01245 467090 / 07958 943509

Liz Riding                             Butterfield Rd                                    01245 467455 / 07940 328816

Debbie Davidson              Butterfield Rd                                    07843 526513

Jeanette Hooper              The Willows                                        07775 965081

Charlotte Garnham         Fitzwalter Rd                                      07849 155329

Nina Marston                    Fitzwalter Rd                                      07590 753798

Anthony Leach                  Claypits Rd                                          01245 468541

Sandra Reeve                    St Andrews Rd                                   07484 380286

Marion Freeman              Falkland Close                                   07449 856013 / 01245 467408

(Marion is a Pastoral Assistant with St Andrews church and is offering telephone support)

Sharon Hills                         Boons Close                                        01245 451411 / 07771 370706

Dawn Whittle                    The Chase                                           07725 553848

Rosie Waspe (Avail AM) Brick House Lane                              07772 014298

Gini Hay                               Oak Cottages, Main Road              07801 277781

Wendy Lackenby              Main Road (Near Lion Inn)           07388 928807                                    PTO

Amy Bryant                         Paynes Lane                                       amy.bryant@hotmail.co.uk

Katy Saunders                   Lodge Crescent                                 07896 853482

Karen West.                     Haselfoot Close.                           07841 387646
Annie Scales                       Russell Green (Waltham Rd)        07725 481113 / 01245 362032

Connor Thompson           Sussex Close                                                      07544 923800

The Parish Council are extremely thankful for those who have come forward to help in these difficult times.













We have been made aware that some catering facilities are offering home delivery in Boreham


These include

TWILLS – Contact Gemma or Angie on 07377 632786 or 07939 172570









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