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Could you be the Boreham Special Constable?

Boreham Parish Council have agreed to fund a Special Constable for Boreham, but in the past year we have received no applications.  We would love for Boreham to be benefit from having a Community Special Constable, but it is reliant on people stepping up to volunteer.  All training is provided by Essex Police.  So if you think that you could be this special person in Boreham, please contact Essex Police for more details.  There have been a number of reported local issues coming through social media and it would be great to have a dedicated person in our village to follow these up.
You probably care most about the places where you walk, cycle or drive; where you exercise the dog, go for a jog, let your kids out to play or where you pop to the shops. You might have thought that you don’t see enough “Bobbies on the Beat” in these places? Well, why don’t you volunteer as a Community Special Constable and be that bobby?
We want a Special Constable in every community in Essex. We already have Specials working on local policing and community policing teams and across a number of specialist areas, but Community Special Constables are something new, something different, something that delivers visible policing at a really local level.
The majority of Special Constables will work in our main busy towns and cover large areas, responding to a wide variety of incidents and challenges. A Community Special Constable is more focussed, they dedicate their voluntary service to the area that matters most to them – their town or parish. In return the local council will pay the allowances and expenses of their officers and they’ll have a say in the issues that their local Specials deal with.
Community Special Constables will:
Be integrated into a Community Policing Team
Start and end their duty as close to their community as possible.
Spend the majority of their time within the council area’s neighbourhoods.
Be visible and accessible in local communities on uniformed patrol.
Help address local issues and priorities as informed by the local council and police intelligence-led tasking.
Patrol hot spots identified through intelligence or which have been deemed to be priority areas.
Respond to police-related incidents within the council area.
Engage with local communities and support further recruitment of Specials.
Attend suitable local council meetings where available to do so.
Have regard to the Council’s aims and objectives in their voluntary service.
Community Special Constables will get the same training as regular officers and will have to complete the same accreditation, but once they’ve got independent patrol status then they can really get committed to their local communities.
If you’re looking for breadth to your policing duties then applying as a generic Special Constable is probably best for you, but if you’re looking for depth, if you’re looking to make a dedicated difference to your own area, to problem solve, to build relationship and be recognised as a local peacekeeper then the Community Special Constable route might be best for you.

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