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Environmental Project – Thanks to all the volunteers!

This weekend 18 volunteers from Boreham and beyond planted 1,000 tree whips to create more than 200 metres of new hedgerow and other habitat to help biodiversity and combat climate change. This is part of a Boreham Parish Council environmental project and was supported by the Essex Forest Initiative. A big thank you to all  the volunteers who came out to plant trees. A special thank you too to local farmer David Bolton who did not hesitate to help when the lorry delivering our mulch got stuck in the mud. His tractor arrived within minutes and towed the lorry off the field. Brilliant!

A12 Widening -December 2021 Update

A12 Widening -December 2021 Update

National Highways have published (November 2021) supplementary proposals for the A12 widening which contains their response to the earlier Public Consultation of June 2021. Comments must be received before mid-night, next Sunday the 19th of December.  Given the timing, the practical way to view the proposals now, is on-line  at: www.nationalhighways.co.uk/A12

Regrettably, our responses to the earlier consultation exercise have been rejected other than a proposed new speed limit for Main Road / B1137; we assume “new” means “reduced”.

The strategic aim of A12 widening is to take “long distance traffic off the local roads and put it back on the A12 where it belongs”. We totally support this aim. However, National Highways have not explained how achieving this aim results in estimated, massive increases in traffic for Boreham:

The am peak traffic on Main Road is estimated to increase by 34% but this is now shown as  with a the qualification of “Main Road, west of Boreham”.  An explanation for the introduction of this qualification would have been useful.   

National Highways’ did not publish that the June 2021 proposals would increase am peak traffic on Plantation Road by 50%.  No data is available for November proposals.

Our response to the November proposals will:

Welcome the new speed limits, assuming these are reductions.

State keeping Junction 20a open would certainly reduce the huge increases in traffic in Boreham.

State the traffic increases are totally unacceptable.

Only someone who has never turned into or from Plantation Road could propose a scheme that increases Main Road traffic by 34% and Plantation Road by 50%. Neither can they have envisaged the impact on Church Road when Plantation Road is jammed.

Record that once again, neither drop-in events nor explanatory booklets have been provided in Boreham. By contrast drop-in events have been held in Hatfield Peverel, Messing and Witham; Booklets are available from such diverse locations as Hatfield Peverel library, The Old Crown in Messing, Oak Stores in Rivenhall and St Mary’s Church in Easthorpe. It is easy to communicate good news. Bad news, as is the case for Boreham, seems to be difficult to communicate. Accordingly, we will request National Highways to organise a public meeting in Boreham and invite our elected representatives, from Parish Councillor to Member of Parliament. Given their estimated impact upon Boreham, frankly, it’s the least they should do.

We ask that you support our objections and reiterate your own concerns – no later than Sunday 19th December 2021 – by responding using one of the following methods:

On-line via the Response Form at nationalhighways.co.uk/A12 https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/he/a12chelmsford-to-a120-widening-consultation-nov21/consultation/intro/

E-mail – A12chelmsfordA120wide@highwaysengland.co.uk.


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