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New Hall School, The Avenue, Boreham, T7 London Plane (SHA Ref T7a) – Carry out climbing inspection. Reduce crown by 2-3m to minimise branch failure and encourage new growth. Remove deadwood and suspended branches – reduce heavy, extended limbs to the north-east & south-east by up to 4m. All final cuts to be made to suitable growth points. Reason – Inonotus hispidus – for safety reasons.


The Rectory, Church Road, Boreham. T4 – Oak – reduce heavy limbs to the south approximately 3m to balance crown and minimise risk of branch failure. Use cornet cutting to encourage wildlife; T13 – Apple – fell to ground level; T26 – Norway Maple – fell to ground level; T44 – Wild Cherry – fell to ground level; T50 & T51 – Scotts Pine – remove deadwood; W63 – Horse Chestnut, Ash & Elm – remove deadwood; T65 – Silver Birch – fell to ground level; T68 – Oak – remove deadwood; T72 – Ash – remove deadwood; T73 – Ash – fell to ground level; T76 & T77 – Metasequoia – fell to ground level; T78 – Ash – remove deadwood; T79, T80 & T82 – Oaks – remove deadwood.

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